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OUTRP COVER submitted to KDP Aug 22 2019
Once Upon the River Platte 

ISBN: 978-0-9993712-0-6

A quick glance at the cover of this book tells you that this is not your usual novel. "When the world goes topsy-turvy, things look different. And nothing is ever the same . . . . "  

    The story is set in the near future but the exact year is not specified. 

Zephaniah Pike, a federal agent, is sent to Nebraska to investigate a strange series of animal-related deaths.  There are reports of wild animals suddenly turning on people and attacking them.  Within only a few weeks, the death toll begins to rise. 

    Early in his investigation, Agent Pike encounters Elk, a Native American recluse.  Their initial meeting is punctuated by shouting and gunfire.  Not surprisingly, Elk soon emerges as a prime suspect. 

    But is the old Indian responsible for the erratic behavior or wild animals?  And does Elk pose a threat?  Many twists and turns follow.

       An early reviewer has described Once Upon the River Platte  as "a real gem. It shines and sparkles in every way."  Another reviewer commented:  "This book is a futuristic Western---complete with buffalo, coyotes, prairie fires, Indians, shape-shifters, drones, biometric scannings, and gun-toting lawmen.  If this is the American West of the future, we all need to saddle up.  And we're sure to enjoy one wild, unforgettable ride." 

Details about the Book


Book dimensions:  6 x 9"

Type of book:  Perfect Bound; Full Color Cover 

Number of pages:  335

Language:  English 

Publisher:  Clovis House 

Price:  $19.95 (USA)   


To order copies, visit 


The book also will be available at select bookstores. 


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