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CLOVIS HOUSE is a small regional press and promotion agency based in Fargo, North Dakota. While we are new on the publishing scene, our staff includes individuals with decades of experience in editing and publishing books that both inform and inspire.  
Our mission  is to publish and promote books dealing with the Great American West (the region lying west of the Mississippi River and extending to the Pacific Ocean). We are especially interested in both non-fiction and fiction  manuscripts that relate to the diverse cultures of the Great Plains and the Great American West. 
We appreciate well-written, well-researched, and innovative manuscripts about indigenous groups, and also the various immigrant peoples who now call the American West their "home."
Currently, we are focusing on fictional works that would be ideal candidates for our "Legendary Rivers of the American West Series."  The first book in this series deals with the Red River of the North.  The second will focus on the Platte River of the Central Plains.  A third book about the Upper Mississippi River already is in process.  CLOVIS HOUSE is pleased to publish these works and thus bring attention to our region's "legendary rivers."
Our name, CLOVIS HOUSE, has both New World and Old World connotations. "Clovis" is a term that describes the ancient big game hunting peoples who lived some 11-13,000 years ago, and who were among the earliest inhabitants of the American West. "Clovis" also refers to an ancient tribal leader who lived in Gaul from 466-511 AD. His cultural heirs and European descendants were among those who ventured into the Great American West some 1,300 years later. 
Yet CLOVIS HOUSE is not merely a name; it is a place that houses and promotes creativity, innovation, literary excellence, and artistic vision.
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